(AL) Megumi Hayashibara - Plain

posted on 29 Apr 2007 22:22 by kaito in J-music
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[Megumi Hayashibara - Plain]
New full-length album release from Megumi Hayashibara
includes her latest hits, five new songs, and more.
Limited edition includes bonus CD with audio recorded live
at Hayashibara's Shinikiba Studio Coast performance.

Artist: Megumi Hayashibara
Date: 2007.04.21
1. www.co.jp
2. 負けないで、負けないで・・・
3. Koibumi
4. Trust You
5. Give A Reason ~ballade Version~
6. Breeze(スレイヤーズtry)
7. Blトライアングル
8. 頑張って、頑張って・・・
9. 4月の雪
10. 旋律
11. Forty
12. Meet Again
13. 天国の記憶
14. りんごウラミウタ  
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Disc2:Live at Hayashibara's Shinikiba Studio
1. Opening
2. 負けないで、負けないで・・・
3. Mc
4. Bon Voyage!
5. I'll Be There(Ballade Version)
6. Mc
7. Feel Well
8. Mc
9. 私にハッピーバースデイ
10. Mc
11. Tokyo Boogie Night
12. Ending  
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#4 By juicy ( on 2011-01-20 13:45

Are there any (English) lyrics available? I like to know what's she sings about. For now this the best album of the year! (even i do not understand a word! )

#3 By Sala ( on 2007-05-29 01:52

Thanks so much ka

#2 By dark rain on 2007-04-30 06:17

กดเข้ามา... สะดุ้งกะหน้าตาป้าแกจริงๆ = ="

แต่เพลงนี่แจ่มสุดๆ เหอๆ

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